May 9, 2021

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Dr. David Howard



David Howard holds a doctorate of ministry in systematic theology, pastoral theology & spiritual theology. He also holds a doctor of science in interdisciplinary sciences & electromagnetics. He also holds masters degrees in writing, business & human resources management.

He is a Tolkien fan.

He specializes in Mystical Theology, Sacred Scripture, Patristics, Moral Theology & Christian Philosophy.

He holds credentials from Duke University, Mercy College, University of Maryland, City Colleges of Chicago, Human Resources Institute and other institutions including the U.S. Military.

He holds past & present certifications from the Society of Human Resource Management, Centerquest, Davco Foods, Inc., the Discalced Carmelites & one approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.

He is trained & certified in the Twelve-Step System, Career Counseling, Family Intervention, and Addictions Counseling.

He can practice as a pastoral counselor in 33 States and has provided family intervention, couples therapy, reparative therapy and helped over 100 clients recover from bi-sexualism and homosexualism.

He holds certificates in environmental science, healthcare management. human resource management, electronics technology & personnel management.

Several of his and saints’ bi-locations, visions, miracles, prophecies & have been approved by local ordinaries and are currently under review by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

The United States Catholic Conference of bishops has advanced a cause for Canonization for which David has provided testimony.

David has been/is a pastoral counselor, writer, actor, singer & business manager. He holds three black belts (karate, jiu jitsu & mixed martial arts), expert marksmanship (pistols, rifles, grenades) & self-defense credentials.

He is a military intelligence veteran.

He has had over the following granted/fulfilled/documented on Twitter:

  • Prophecies fulfilled: 84
  • Prophecies partially fulfilled: 57
  • Rosary prayers partially granted (non-prophetic/world-changing): 37
  • Rosary prayers granted (non-prophetic/world-changing): 40
  • Miracles granted (announced): 38

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