May 10, 2021

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Berlin Wall II: The Fall of Communism & The Immaculate Heart of Mary (Aftermath)

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Population of the Soviet (1989): 293 million.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, China was put on notice. Communism was failing and eventually, China accepted a hybrid Capitalism during the Presidency of the impeached and now discredited Bill Clinton (#MeToo).

Communism was a failed economic system. People are not motivated to make money for the State but to improve their and their family’s own circumstances. Even St. Joseph made his living as a Capitalist, being a Carpenter.

The USSR was bankrupt, which is why it failed. The United States actually propped it up with wheat shipments that were not paid. Why? So that the USSR would not start a nuclear war.


Catholicism started to make inroads into the old USSR again (now the Russian Federation). Catholicism was banned in the Soviet Union from 1946 until after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The promise of Our Lady that “Russia will be converted” was partially fulfilled with the Catholic Church being let back openly. Conversions started slowly.

Religious Practice

People were allowed to attend Church without fear of reprisals following the fall of the Berlin Wall. There is now flourishing religious practice. Progress with Catholicism has been slow, however, Vladimir Putin has met with the Vatican.

Vladimir has been open in his practice of Russian Orthodox Christianity. He has a personal icon in his office and has donated to an icon for a cathedral. Such acts would send a Russian to a Gulag in the past.

We are far from the promised conversion of Russia by our Blessed Mother. However, there is always hope.

Russia has been particularly in my prayers. It is now a special intention in my Rosary. After my success with Africa, I expect great results soon. Our Lady is always faithful to her word.

Prophetic Insight

I have been sending visions to Vladimir Putin for years. He has resisted LGBT indoctrination, even vociferously. Although some may disagree with his methods, God’s destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah indicates Vladimir knows rampant homosexuality rings the loss of great amounts of population and possibly the end of the World.

Indeed rampant support for homosexuality has been on the table.

Vision (2013)

A fire starts in the United States. It burns Eastward, engulfing many Countries, including the Russian Federation.

A pure light blazes bright and baptismal waters flood the Countries, snuffing out the flames.

Repeated: 213 times.


Immaculate Heart of Mary, be Russia and our Salvation. Amen. +M

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