January 25, 2021

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Berlin Wall: The Fall of Communism & The Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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In 1989, I was praying the Rosary Arduously. Padre Pio & Medjugorje were a big deal. The first work of a Doctor of the Church I read was St. Catherine of Siena’s The Dialogue. The second work was St. Therese of Liseux’s Story of a Soul.

Miracles multiplied during this time. I would go into a prayerful ecstatic sleep (Genesis 2:21) consistently. It would last from 2-4 hours. I smelled like roses and issued prophecies.

Immaculate Heart

At Mass, in these sleepings, I would have dreams that would consistently come true. One vision that was consistent was the Immaculate Heart of Mary over Berlin Germany that I told my pastor about.

These visions one year prior to the Fall of The Berlin Wall. They multiplied closer to November 9, 1991, the date the wall was torn down. I could not sleep or pray without seeing the Immaculate Heart of Mary Covering Berlin, then Germany, then the Soviet Union, then the World.

The Heart would pulse with bright red flames more intensely as the day approached. I was aware of the promises of the Rosary and was praying for the fall of Communism intensely for 18 months.

Immaculate Heart Explodes in Flame

As I woke up from sleep to start my duties the first day I took charge of quarters, an image of the Immaculate Heart exploding appeared to me. I watched stunned with the Heart’s power.

The flames spread outward to encompass the World. The face of Mary appeared smiling with great joy. She showed her Divine Son in her arms.

“Now the Berlin People are born to eternal life. Now my Son will begin His reign in the distant future.”

My tears flowed as the Blessed Mother revealed herself to me. I could feel her arms around me, and could not move for 15 minutes.

Charge of Quarters

I started my shift was in command of quarters when people were saying the Berlin Wall fell. I was in a Military Intelligence unit, and we were told to be aware of any Berlin Wall activity and to report anything.

I was told during the beginning of my shift that the Wall went down. I was incredulous, as soldiers would often play jokes with lies (sad). I shook it off when the First Sergeant called me to tell me to be aware because the Wall went down. He never lied to us.

Finally, the news showed it. People standing on the Wall tearing down the number one symbol of devilish Communism in Berlin, which separated West Berlin from East Berlin.

Courtesy of ABC
German Soldiers watch over the fall of the Wall

I had crossed over into East Berlin through the famous Checkpoint Charlie several times prior. Bullet holes from World War II could still be seen on the buildings near the Checkpoint. The Soviets had never repaired them.


It was the end of Communism. The Berliners had been fed up. Their families were held captive for decades in East Germany. They talked to me about it often.

People were captured and killed because of the Berlin Wall. Now people stood on top of the Berlin Wall, and took sledge hammers to it.

Ordinary people tear down the Berlin Wall.

It was the end of a long, tortuous era of Communism. Communism was literally and financially bankrupt. The Immaculate Heart of Mary’s promise on July 13, 1917 at Fatima “In the End, my Immaculate Heart will Triumph.”

Prophetic Insight

The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart has started. World Leaders fight with the utmost strength to hide Her miracles, like Herod the Great struggled to stop Jesus Reign. But all that shall fail.

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