January 24, 2021

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Bishop Schneider Accuses Vatican of “Betrayal of Christ” (Apostasy) – Miracles and Prophecy

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In a recent interview, Bishop Schneider accused the Vatican of ‘Apostasy’ (Betrayal of Christ). Apostasy (Apostasis in Greek) literally means a revolt.

Bishops, at a minimum, are infallible when they teach based on a previous dogma (Pastor Aeternus, 4, 9). This statement has all the characteristics of infallible teaching.

Recent Infallible Teaching

Several bishops have recently taught infallible teaching, including Cardinal’s Burke & Mueller, who are cardinal-bishops. Bishops Schneider, & Strickland have also taught infallibly on various topics.

This is the first infallible teaching that both attacks the Vatican in general, and encompasses many doctrines. Bishop Schneider recently taught that he needed a formal declaration of Apostasy by Francis to accept that he apostatized. He seems to have passed that threshold.

Letter or Oral Statement

Infallible teaching, as the Scriptures show, can be formal writing or spoken (2 The 2:15). Christ never wrote a single word we retain, but inspired his Apostles to write and speak for him (Matt, 16:18, Matt 18:18, Luke 10:16).


Infallible teachings are irreformable. Since they lack no errors they cannot be corrected. They are also not subject to reinterpretation: since heaven has bound Earth, there is no authority that can correct them, not even Christ himself can unbind what has been bound in Heaven (Matt 18:18, John 14:6, Hebrews 13:8). Since Jesus Christ is the Truth and the same forever, once given, Christ’s word is inviolable.

Title of Cardinal

Cardinal is merely an honorific title: Someone who can vote in papal elections or has special authority and distinction from the pope.

There have been cardinal-bishops, cardinal-priests, cardinal-deacons, and cardinal-laymen. A man must be a bishop or theologian to have teaching authority (see Denzinger).

World-Wide Condemnation

Bishops have spoken against the false teaching of ‘Pope‘ Francis many times. Theologians and scholars have joined the bandwagon as well.

The former head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, The former head of the Apostolic Signatura (Vatican Supreme Court), the current head of the Congregation for Divine Worship & the Sacraments, Pope ‘Emeritus’ Benedict XVI have all attacked Francis’s “doctrine” in one respect or another.

Death Pena1ty

Francis has even contradicted consistent Church Teaching on the death penalty, which is material (statement) heresy (see Pastor Aeternus, 4, 9). He said it contradicts the “dignity” of the human person, which puts him in quite a bind, since God executed many times in the Sacred Scriptures (The Flood, Fires of Sodom).


Many Saints resisted false teaching by Popes. As stated before, a teaching cannot contradict previous dogma to be valid (The Dogmatic Pastor Aeternus, 4, 9). This would be like Christ contradicting Himself since the infallible word of bishops is binding like Christ’s words (Luke 10:16).

“But when Cephas came to Antioch I opposed him to his face because he stood condemned” (Galatians 2:11).

“If by the Roman Church you mean its head or pontiff, it is beyond question that he can err even in matters touching the faith. He does this when he teaches heresy by his own judgment or decretal. In truth, many Roman pontiffs were heretics. The last of them was Pope John XXII” (Pope Adrian VI).

Prophetic Insight

According to an “absolutely and infallible special revelation” (Council of Trent, Session 6, Canon 16), Francis secretly resigned. This has been confirmed by numerous miracles.

All my miracles confirm my prophecies, past, present, and future. +M

One miracle is required for beatification, and another for canonization. I have over 48 confirmed, documented and witnessed miracles on Twitter.

The Church requires (at best) one miracle to confirm an Apparition or Revelation. They did this with a priest pastor of mine. He walked into the Diocesan Chancellery, blessed a statue of Mary and it cried. This confirmed his previous miracles of the same nature.

Past Apostasies

80% of bishops were Arians in Arian days (Heresy, 313-581).

95% of bishops were heretics from Catholicism in England (1509-1547).

66% of Catholics thought Antipope Clement VII was the pope (1378-1417).

Antipope Clement VII

Was falsely elected (1379-1394). The cardinal electors who elected the real pope (Urban VI) held a deceiving conclave and tried to elect Clement VII. Too late. Pope Urban VI was still alive, had not resigned and was sent into exile.

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