January 24, 2021

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Cardinal Pell Conviction (Prophecy, Miracles & Doctrine)

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Although I have extensive legal training and much experience with the Law, I will not be writing much about the legality of this case today.

The Trial of Cardinal Pell has been a travesty. The first alleged victim admitted he lied about his accusations. Pell was previously charged on these charges and prosecution was decided against.

There was no corroboration for the accusations of the second alleged victim. Many cathedral Mass lectors, choir and such, said they never saw the second victim and Cardinal Pell alone.

Prophetic Matter

Consistently absolutely certain and infallible special revelations (Council of Trent, Session 6, Canon 16) have proven that Cardinal Pell is innocent in this matter.

There have been miraculous confirmations, time after time after time. Only one miracle is required to confirm an infallible prophecy, beatification or revelation. I have over 48 confirmed on Twitter, documented and witnessed by hundreds.

Christ himself spoke that “the works (miracles) that I do in my Father’s name, they bear witness to me.” In short, one miracle proves his Divinity. The numberless works he does confirms his testimony endlessly since only one miracle is required to determine supernaturality.

My prophetic testimony is that Cardinal Pell is innocent. Whatever may come, this will be proven in the end. +M

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