April 11, 2021

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First Witness: Prophecies, Miracles & Prayers

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Those who have followed me on Twitter know I have claimed to be the First Witness (Rev 11:3) #FirstWitness. The Second Witness is alive and well and doing works in her sphere of authority. In fact, I have documented some of her miracles. This pestilence is hers.

What Does a Prophet (Witness) do?

He provides witness through miracles, prophecy, and testimony to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the infallible teaching of the Holy Catholic Church.

What Does the Scripture Say Are The Primary Gifts Of The Two Witnesses?

Prophecy (Rev 11:3) and miracles (Rev 11:5-6). In the gift of miracles both gifts are contained: for infallible prophecies are miracles in themselves (Catechism of the Catholic, paragraph 156). Fulfilled prophecies are signs of the infallible teachings of the Holy Catholic Church.

The Book of Revelation enumerates the physical gifts (Rev 11:5-6, Revelation 11:12-13):

  • Fire (Genesis 19:24, 2 Kings 1:12)
  • Supernatural death (see Acts 5:3-5).
  • Weather Control.
  • Powers over Nature (water to blood, earthquakes).
  • Plagues as desired.
  • Levitation.
  • Teleportation.
  • Invulnerability after their deaths.
  • Conversion.
  • Assumption (verse 12).
  • These gifts also infer, coupled with the prophetic gift: any miracle as desired.

Why Are You Telling Others These Things So Often?

Because prelates have told you this so rarely. I have to make up for the actual grace missing from deficient and negligent prelates.

No one lives the Gospel alone, nor can they (Catechism of the Catholic, paragraph 166). This is why Christ founded a Church in the first place ( Catechism of the Catholic, paragraph 846; Matt 16:18).

What Is The End Result?

The Conversion of the World (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2807). However, Revelation Chapter 11 shows us it will be a long and hard road (Rev 11:3-13), for the unrepentant, souls ministered to by the Two Witnesses.

Prophetic Insight

There will be great upheavals as testified to by Revelation Chapter 11:3-13. There are many more travails ahead. Our current time so fits Revelation Chapter 11 so well. Pope St. John Paul II and Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

The wicked spirit of the World will not go quietly. But the Power of God is irresistible and will always triumph.


Lord God, lead us to your wisdom, power, and strength. Let us always seek your resolve and consolation. Let us act in your miraculous gift, as you so desire. Amen.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our passing. Amen.

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