March 1, 2021

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Hurricane Dorian: Miracles So Far

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For those who have not been following me on Twitter, another proven and documented miracle worker and I have been praying for Florida and victims of Hurricane Dorian.

So Far

So far, Dorian had two tracks. The most dramatic is the intial track. Headed directly toward Florida.

Dorian stopped dead (1MPH) at the Bahamas and turned North.

Dorian being CAT 2 hurricane is projected. The current is CAT 1 (see chart) although it has slipped down to 38 MPH sustained winds this morning and estimated at CAT 2.

Major Miracle

Dorian stopped short of Florida.

Second Major Miracle

Dorian headed north instead of heading into Florida.


Florida, the requested prayer protection was basically spared. This was the specific intention of me and another miracle worker.

For the final results, we will have to wait at least a couple of weeks for all the initial data.

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