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Men Throw The Controversial ‘Pachamama Idols’ into the Tiber River

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Cover image courtesy of Angelus News.

According to a video now circulating on Social Media, two men took the controversial “Pachamama” Idols and threw them into the Tiber River. They recorded the act.

The Vatican first said a Vatican Ceremony was a pagan ritual. Another Synod official then said the statues symbolized fertility and life. Yes, polytheistic gods were supposed “gods” of fertility like Pachamama.

Other polytheistic gods of fertility include the Egyptian “goddess” Isis, and Ishtar a Babylonian “goddess.” They are all condemned as demons in the Sacred Scriptures (1 Corinthians 10:20). All heathen gods are called idols as well (Psalm 96:5). So all heathen gods are demons.

Samson & Idols (Dagon)

Samson destroyed idols in his final feat of strength. This feat that has been likened to a magnitude 8 earthquake in a recent example of a fallen Philistine temple, like that which Samson is recorded as having destroyed (Judges 16:30).

The temple was that of Dagon according to historical correlation. A temple to Dagon was also where God collapsed an idol to bow before the Ark of the Covenant (1 Samuel 5:4).


Papal advisors have opined that the act against Pachamama was theft of a kind of sacrilege – setting themselves up as idol worshippers. This includes Austen Ivereigh a papal biographer:


Even Catholic comedians like Tommy Tighe have likened the act to theft and called it a “mortal sin [sic].” A mortal sin requires full knowledge and complete consent, a gift which non-miracle workers (non-soul-readers) do not possess.


The actual sin is a grave sin, which has grave matter but for which culpability and knowledge are not known. However, a grave sin has to do grave damage to financial viability – which is unlikely in the matter of wood carvings which likely cost $25 to make.

For a sin to be grave in this matter would require a grave (deadly) threat to those who were violated (food, shelter, clothing, health, etc.). If the statues were actual Catholic images, destroying them would be a grave sacrilege against the first Commandment – to love God before all things.

However, inferring the statues which have been confirmed to be used in a pagan ritual by both the Vatican and professed Amazonians, is to affirm the pagan Amazonian religion, which is Apostasy or Heresy. Either violation incurs excommunication and just penalties in Canon Law.

Prophetic Insight

The statues were indeed idols (see “absolutely certain and infallible revelations” in Trent, Session 6, Canon 16). Both by the description of the Vatican (pagan ritual) and in the description of Amazon Region persons themselves.

Lucas Klautau, Professed Amazonian Catholic

Miraculous Confirmations

All my revelations (past, present and future) are confirmed by miracles. Thus when I say something prophetic it already has miraculous confirmation, a characteristic required in order to Canonize Saints and confirm apparitions and revelations.


Green Scapular Prayer: Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us now and at the hour of our passing, Amen.


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