January 24, 2021

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MIRACLE! Immaculate Heart of Mary. As Prophesied: Abortion is on Its Way Out!

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A recent article by the Associated Press has abortions to the lowest rate since Roe vs. Wade!

History of the Prophecy

As I prophesied and miracled many times (see thread), abortion is on its way out. With the beginning of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, miracles like this will become commonplace and eventually totally take over.

Miracles To Date

Many States contrary to their history have put the Word of God, Jesus Christ, abortion positive natural law (Governmental Laws).

Taking advantage of sanctuary cities loopholes to enforcement, states such as Alabama, Louisiana, and Arkansas, have increased abortion restrictions. These abortion restrictions continue despite Federal Court rulings.

Miracles to Continue

Despite attempts from Television and Movie Stars, pressure from Production Companies, abortions continue to decline. Netflix took a huge hit from its boycott on Georgia.

Miracles will continue. Since the Lord gave me miracles at my desire a year ago, I have been accelerating a miracle to end Abortion. This miracle is well underway.

Padre Pio

It was St. Padre Pio, who called the Rosary “The Weapon.” And said that many do not know the power of the Rosary.

“Love the Madonna and pray the Rosary, for her Rosary is the weapon against the evils of the world today. All graces given by God pass through the Blessed Mother.”  -St. Padre Pio

It seems that Padre Pio did not either as he was in the middle of the Sexual Revolution at the time. Padre Pio died in 1968.

“The Greatest Saints will come in the end times.” -St. Louis de Montfort.

Be one!


Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us, and to end Abortion, now and at the hour of our passing. Amen.

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