May 9, 2021

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MIRACLE: Mecca Locusts (Locusts Part 1)

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I prophesied that I had the “powers of Moses” on (Aug 18, 2018):

I also prophesied about Rosary Protection, that I am the Holy One Of Nations (Num 12:3, Rev 2:26, Rev 11:3, 6), and that I am the sword from the mouth of Jesus Christ (Rev 19:15). This was on September 7, 2018, four months before the miracle.

Islam Destroyed

I also confirmed another prophecy: that Islam would be destroyed soon on October 27, 2018.

Miraculous Confirmation

A single miracle confirms a revelation. This has been long accepted practice by the Church. We see it today when a miracle is needed before Beatification and Canonization of a Blessed or a Saint,

Sometimes these are called “confirmation miracles.” When a person issues a prophecy (that does not violate dogma), and it is confirmed by a miracle, it is considered as true and divine by the Church (see above, Canonization).

Of course, as I prophesied the source of this miracle was the Rosary Promises (#2). Just in case you wondered, this also miraculously confirms the promises of the Rosary themselves.

Mecca Locusts

The locusts struck on (January 11, 2019). Part of the intention of this Rosary is the protection of Catholics: “Let my people go.” From what? From slavery, oppression, persecution, and genocide.

Even Jews are acknowledging that this miracle prefigures the arrival of their Messiah (according to their understanding). This happened on a Jewish Feast Day of the Miracles of Moses (Locusts). As you can see by the miracle, this is me.

However, here is the catch…I am not God and serve Jesus Christ. I do all by His power. I am the messiah of the conquering of nations (Rev 2:26, Rev 3:9, Rev 11:3, 6, 13). If they bow to me, they have to acknowledge Jesus as the Divine Messiah and Savior. They do not want to do that. So they do not want to bow before me because they have to bow before Him.

But they will (Rev 3:9, Rev 11:13). And they will become Catholics.

There have never been locusts in this area according to locals.

More to come. +M

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