May 10, 2021

Prophet Weekly

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Miracles are performed under special guidance from the Blessed Mother through the grace of the Holy Rosary and Green Scapular

Locusts swarmed Mecca in biblical proportions, fulfilling my prophecy and fulfillment confirmed many things including power of Moses. January 2019

Locusts had never hit Mecca before!

SAUDI/JORDAN LOCUSTS – Massive swarms of locusts – BIBLICAL

Locusts swarm the Arabian peninsula in massive numbers – biblical proportions

DEFEAT OF ISIS – (Fulfilled March 21, 2019) The military defeat of ISIS in the Middle East was a miracle performed by a Catholic woman and me through joint prayer.

This is a miracle whereby I prophesied, prayed & a miracle was granted.

Three links below for more details ....

Prophecy and Rosary Crusade on September 13, 2018
Alabama passes abolishment - May 15, 2019
8 states restrict abortion in 2019 - May 17, 2019

CONVERSION OF CHINA (Began, August 2018):

Prophecy issued (Aug 13, 2018): …#Rosary#Vision

Rosary, Vision (September 10, 2018): (September 10, 2018): …

Conversions continue & Catholics increase despite Mass persecution & persecution attempts (October 11, 2018 – 2 months later): …

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