January 24, 2021

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Parting of the Atlantic Ocean: Current Miracles

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"This indeed will end the chastisements of Fatima, although some chastening will continue until the World is all Catholic."

I started a log on Twitter of all the miracles that preceded the parting of the Atlantic Ocean. I prophesied the parting of the Atlantic Ocean for a couple of years, even before this current Twitter account.

It was one of the major prophecies of the future I was given when the Blessed Mother visited me for the twelfth time in the flesh. She visited under the title of Our Lady of Dixie. It was a great honor that she gave to her visit the title of the region that I lived in for most of my life.

Now, she will part the Atlantic Ocean at this point as well. This has to do with the pure faith of the people of the South of the United States, and the recent surge of conversions.

I am honored with the grace of God working in the South. I grew up here, work here and live here today.

Recent Miracles

I have logged my miracles on Twitter, constantly. I have several years of logs of these. This is just one example. Here are several more including Mother Angelica, founder of EWTN’s Shrine.

As you can see there is no shortage of miracles in the South. One missed by many, is the miracle of Faith of groups normally resistant, through Protestant Fundamentalism to Catholic Conversion.

Current Log

The current log of miracles multiplied in 2013 when the Blessed Mother said to me: “David, Barrack Obama is the Antichrist.” and “You do not know the power of the Rosary.”

I well knew the power of the Rosary, since after one year of praying five decades, I saw the Dancing Sun famed in holiness at the Fatima Apparitions. I knew that power was infinite, what more was there to know?

The answer is: the experience of its effulgence (brightness/penetration) and immensity. It captures all parts of life and sanctifies them. It contains divine promises and is therefore infinite in breadth.

Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

I have prophesied for years that the parting of the Atlantic Ocean is the culmination of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary promised at the Fatima Apparitions and in other apparitions and visions.

This indeed will end the chastisements of Fatima, although some chastening will continue until the World is all Catholic. If the World practiced the Catholic Faith and prayed the Rosary, most of them would be gone instantly.

Invocation: Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our parting. Amen.

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