March 1, 2021

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Perfect Example: Jesus Christ – Myths & Fables

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Common errors about Jesus Christ are replete. Manners, teachings, wealth, poverty, royal titles, etc. Here are three common errors, oft-repeated.

Jesus Never Condemned Sodomy

False. Throughout that ages, the Catholic Church has consistently taught that Jesus condemned sodomy (homosexuality) many times. Even modern popes have supported this. In Scripture, Jesus doubles down on this:

“On the day when Lot went out from Sodom fire and brimstone rained from heaven and destroyed them all” (Luke 17:29).

Hardly, a ringing endorsement for the LGBT Movement. Rather, the opposite, as two witnesses will come duplicating the plagues throughout the Bible (Rev 11:3, 6, 13). This includes the plague of fire (Sodom and Gomorrah, Rev 9:18).

Jesus Preached Only Love & Tolerance, Not Condemnation

False. Jesus preached judgment and condemnation for sin. He came to save (bring to repentance), not look the other way regarding sin.

He gave man two options, the way of sin, death and eternal punishment, or the way of life, health and eternal reward (Heaven). He was clear of the Two Ways (Heaven or Hell).

Of course, he also taught Purgatory for those who are not clean enough to enter Heaven (Rev 21:26). After a time of purification (Matt 5:26), the now clean souls enter Heaven (Rev 21:26).

Jesus was Homosexual

False. There is no evidence to support this (John 1:29). Usually, Psychologically damaged individuals conceptualize this endorsement of the homosexual lifestyle to rationalize their own erroneous living. However, there is no verse, by an early Christian or in Church Teaching which supports this abomination of Teaching.

Jesus was a spotless lamb. He lived the life he professed, indeed calling others to live it in His Sacred Heart (Matt 6:21).

Prophetic Import

I have stood firm and warned others of the punishments of God for their conduct. The more I repeat and the more emphatic I preach, the closer the judgment. In fact, the judgment is just around the corner (see Matt 24:33). +M

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