January 25, 2021

Prophet Weekly

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Prophecies of Future Present

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There are several prophecies and visions that I have published that are soon to come true. Some have come true within hours. God is ever solicitous to help his children. He is always working and never tires in His Children.

Parting of the Atlantic Ocean

This prophecy is in the works. I have already witnessed several miracles which prefigure this miracle (streaks of light, haloes around the moon, the miraculous (odor of sanctity) of flowers/roses, flashes of white, blue, red and other lights more real than natural light. This miracle is well on its way.

Every day, I have miracles, even when it rained yesterday and I couldn’t go to the Beach. A flash of gold, the face of the Blessed Virgin Mary smiling, an odor of ambrosia and other holy scents which raise my mind to God.

Cleansing of the Church (Sex Scandal)

This prophecy I issued yesterday morning, upon the announcement of the investigation into a notorious rumored homosexual predator, Monsignor Walter Rossi.

I had prophesied Rossi’s and others’ fall, long before this. However, if you read the thread, you will see this particular prophecy of more investigations/events came true within hours.

That morning that I issued the prophecy, the Holy Spirit prompted me to release graces in this case. Most particularly, Our Lady of Justice graces for the Church. I redoubled my efforts in this area.

By 12:00 PM an investigation was announced on Twitter. By 3:00 PM another investigation into Rossi was announced by his diocese of Scranton Pennsylvania. I had known of Rossi having problems (nonverbal clues) having visited the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception many, many, many times.

Defeat of Evil Clergy

I have prophesied this many times. With rampant investigations already, it is only a matter of time. This prophecy will reveal so many layers of evil in the Church, that a new Church will rise from its ashes, a purer more holy People.

Communists and other unfaithful will fall. Faithful Saint Catholics will rise. +M

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