Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

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The Green Scapular Communion

Christ comes to Crown his Mother
with her stars (See Revelation 12:1).

Our Lady appears in white, with a gold-trimmed mantle. Her heart burns gold. She stands before me with her arms outstretched as silver flames issue forth from her heart.

Brilliant white flames crown her heart with a light that does not exist in Creation. The Trinity forms a triangle of Father, Son & Holy Spitit.

“Those who:

  1. Receive Communion once.
  2. Wear & pray my Green Scapular (or scapular medal)
  3. Pray my Rosary shall receive:
  1. Perseverance in grace
  2. Conversion of their Communities
  3. Defeat of evil
  4. Integrity
  5. Their petitions granted
  6. All for their lifetimes.” +M

You need to wear the GreenScapular for one day & pray it’s prayer once.

Continuing to wear the #GreenScapular & pray its prayer magnifies & expedites this devotion’s effects.


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