January 25, 2021

Prophet Weekly

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REVELATION: Our Lady Of Justice (Recent Miracles)

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Our Lady of Justice is a Revelation I made on March 28, 2019. Since then the ordering of the “Justice System,” has been so swift you better not blink (sometimes literally true). Many, many, many times the grace of this simple devotion, which calls upon the divine promise to the Blessed Virgin, and the infinite merits of Jesus Christ has proven true.

The power this devotion has grown more augmented since my practice of it and my release of these graces.

Considering Donald Trump’s reticence to prosecute others for past crimes, these revelations come in a timely manner.

Today this next part of the Revelation from Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Sun of Justice:

“To those who repeat this devotion 9 times, justice will be established in the Universe.

To those who repeat it 12 times, it will be established in all of time, to the utmost of Creation (including Time).”

Infused Knowledge: The Damned are forever excluded from its benefits, but included in right ordering.

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