April 12, 2021

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Rod & Ruler: The Echoes of the Reign of the Immaculate Heart

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Invitatory Prayer: Oh Christ, Sacred Wisdom, Who rules the World, Enlighten us. Holy Virgin Mary, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.

Those things which are yet to be are echoed in their past through prophecy, miracles, and teachings (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 156). Plato wrote about these things as true forms – the objects of Heaven manifest on Earth (Platonic Forms). So it is with the thoughts of God and his actions.

We can see echoes through the past in Fatima, Lourdes, Akita, La Sallete and other apparitions of Mary (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 67). Yes even our Lord spoke of them and John the Revelator described them in the Book of the Revelation of our Salvation (Book of Revelation).

Voice From Heaven (Two Witnesses)

Scripture speaks of Two Witnesses who will come and scourge the Earth for its sins bringing it to repentance (11:3-13). They will have fire, plagues of every kind, and miracles at their desire (Rev 11:5-6, 13).

They will prophesy (Rev 11:3). Fathers of the Church believed they were Elijah and Enoch, public revelation prophets, so the prophets will issue public revelation. This new revelation will be consonant with the New Testament but reveal new truths.

Since these Two Witnesses are public revelation prophets (Rev 11:3). This new revelation will be consonant with the New Testament but reveal new truths (Dei Verbum, 4; Trent Session 6, Canon 16).

Since they are public revelation prophets, they can bind even the pope who can only define and declare dogma but not reveal new dogma Catechism of the Catholic Church, 86). They can overturn Ordinary Magisterium, define doctrine, and propose new dogma through their prophecy. Being public revelators they bind all Catholics to their revelation.

Like most of the prophets before them, they will be killed and raised from the dead Rev 11: 7 & 11). They will ultimately be assumed into Heaven. According to many Popes, Church Fathers, and Theologians, the sequence of these events is not concise, so they may happen in various orders, but are grouped together.

The ultimate result of the Two Witnesses’ works is the conversion of the World (Rev 11:13). The entire world will become Catholic. This is a worthy endeavor for any Saint, including the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose Annunciation (conception of Jesus), made the work of the Two Witnesses possible (Lumen Gentium, 50).

The Chastisements of the Immaculate Heart (Book of Revelation Parallel)

Many people have noted the parallels between the Chastisements of Fatima, the Annihilation of Nations, and events in the Book of Revelation (Rev 2:26, 11:5-6, 13, 19:15). They have drawn some parallels between the consummation of the Kingdom (Parousia) and Reign of the Immaculate Heart.

Certainly certain miracles are repeated over and over throught the history of the Church. The apparitions of Mary in Spain, the appearance of Christ to the Apostles, and many other events – including the multiplication of food in Texas.

The Word of the Lord, Christ himself, echoes throughout all history. His word echoes in every believer in a state of grace (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2802). His Saints will follow his perfect imitation throughout time. The Son of God is the center, first cause of all things. There is nothing that escapes His impression on Creation.

The Parousia & The Two Witnesses

The Second Coming of Christ, or the culmination/consumation of the Kingdom, is a separate event. The Second Coming is spoken of as distinct from the Reign of 1,000 years (Millenium) with Christ. However, Scripture is clear that Saints raised from the dead will “Reign with Christ” for 1,000 years.

In the breadth of interpretation, this 1,000 years could be figurative, literal or symbolic.

Figurative: It could represent not an actual monarchial reign, but a reign by example, divine power, or multiple rulers conjointly ruling.

Literal: Christ takes kingship, those raised from the dead rule as imperial monarchs; Princes, Princesses or crowned sovreigns in his name.

Symbolic: It could prefigure the Reign of Heaven. Theocratic rule, with the Church as Magister, converts all Nations.

Catholic Doctrine is sovereign in all these interpretations. The exact form of these rulerships is flexible but Monarchial.

Prophetic Insight

The events of the Two Witnesses coincided with the Chastisements and the Reign of the Immaculate Heart. The Two Witnesses have continued past the Immaculate Hearts Chastisements and are working on her Triumph.

The return of Christ is imminent, however, the Parousia will come much later. Christ will come later to definitively bring about the Parousia (Trent, Session 6, Canon 16).

The Saints, raised from the dead or resurrected, will reign with him for 1,000 years (Rev 20:4).


Oh Lord, who orders all things, make us wise in your ways, disciplined in your commands and holy in your Word. Amen.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Amen.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our passing. Amen.

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