September 20, 2020

Prophet Weekly

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Sacred Heart Rosary

#Jesus: appears to me his Sacred Heart aflame. A divine goodness and warmth fill the area of my bed. He says:

“Those who receive Communion once, wear & pray my #SacredHeart Scapular (scapular medal) & pray my #Rosary shall receive:

1. Perseverance of Saints

2. Heroic Courage

3. Protection

4. Victory

5. Their petitions granted All for their lifetimes.” +M

#SacredHeart of Jesus have mercy on me now & at the hour of our death. Amen.”

You need to wear the #SacredHeart Scapular (Scapular Medal, #SacredHeart Badge) for one day & pray this prayer once:

Continuing to wear the #SacredHeart Scapular & pray it’s prayer magnifies this.

The Scapular Medal:

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