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Saint! The Samson Against Pachamama Speaks

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The Pachamama idol destroyer identified himself this weekend. He spoke to several outfits: the best is here. Three-time Emmy Award winner Michael Voris knocks the interview out of the park. A couple other interviews seem lingering and wandering.

Michael stuck on point, focusing on the motivations for this idol-clasm and kept Alexander Tschugguel, the idol thrower on point. This is something others seemed not to do.

What is point? Saintly motivations, the scandal of Pachamama and violation of the First Commandment and the apostasy of the Vatican. Cardinal Burke has long spoken about the Apostasy in Rome and the Amazon Synod. Cardinal Burke is the top Vatican Judge in the Church.

Archbishop Vigano, who exposed the clergy scandal and corruption of ‘Pope’ Francis with the infamous and villainous Archbishop McCarrick called the man a “hero.” From the beginning, I saw the actions of a Saint (or Saints), a reminder of Saint Nicholas destroying the Temple of Diana during which he fought many demons.

Help of the Angels

Alexander Tschugguel and allies did it the smart and wise way. They took the idols by Castel San Angelo, where a statue of the Archangel Michael, who drew his flaming sword to heal Rome from a plague stood watch.

They dropped the idols in the Tiber from Angel’s Bridge and were not caught or assailed until they decided to reveal themselves – a testimony to the aid of guardian angels. No charges have yet been reported as filed.

Baptism of the Pagans

They threw the idols into the Tiber River where Saint Peter was known to baptize pagans. The Tiber is sometimes called the Jordan River of Rome by locals and priests I contacted in the past.

This demonstrates that God had something different in mind than Francis had in mind. Popes are not impeccable in judgment, only infallible in declaring and defining dogma.

Special Revelations

There are three world-changing series of absolutely certain and infallible special revelations I received in 2013-2014.

The first was the physical changes of the World at the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The second was the advent of prophets and miracle workers defeating World Governments and ushering in a Catholic World-Wide Monarchy. This was before I had even read about Blessed Catherine Emmerich.

The last was flames upon the head of Catholics, including young Catholics who rose up to defeat idols both metaphorical, and physical. This is a symbol of a New Pentecost.

These three visions were co-originating and co-terminus. They act in parallel. The three worked together.

One grace fed another in a fire that blazed and consumed the world in the Love of Christ. A new World advanced both spiritually, socially and technologically was formed from the Triumph.

The destruction of the idols in the Tiber was the first in a series. The second was a priest burning a Pachamama in Mexico. The third is a bishop burning a Pachamama, indeed maybe even a pope – he wore white.

More I will not say. What God shuts remains shut. +M


Holy Christ, we praise you for your Saints.

Holy Mary, we thank you for your prayers.

Holy Saints and Angels, we thank you forever for your works in Salvation. Amen.


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