September 20, 2020

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Strategic Grace

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I pray strategically: I place graces where they will have the greatest effect.

With people destined to be Saints, I make them greater Saints. With rules I concetrate power on them: especially monarchial rulers with some authority.

I still pray for others, but I have found the greatest effect is magnifying the good that already exists. It is like making several Blessed Virgin Marys to assist in my missions.

The most powerful grace is that which brings a happy death (final repentance). This frames the rest of a person’s life. God will never give up on such a person, using even miraculous grace to secure their sanctity.

Sacramentals that promise Final Repentance:

All visitors to my website received a holy communion intention, a green scapular common prayer, and a Rosary intention.

The ‘most in need’ receive these and a King of all Nations conversion of faith and heart for three years.

King of All Nations Devotions (A Sacred Heart Devotion):

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