March 1, 2021

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The Antichrist: Three Signs for the Faithful

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Christ Returns

The Antichrist is in our midst. Powerless, nullified and mollified by the Rosary, Green Scapular, Eucharist and Prayer which “makes possible” all things.

I do not think that the wide circle of the American Society, or the whole wide circle of the Christian Community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-church, between the gospel and the anti-gospel, between Christ and the antichrist. 

Pope St. John Paul II as Cardinal Karl Wotylja. 1976 Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Soon to be beatified to your sight and hearing, Ven. Archbishop Fulton Sheen said as much as well:

“From now on the struggle will be… for the souls of men…the God Who became man and the man who makes himself God; brothers in Christ and comrades in anti-Christ.”

Ven. Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Jan. 26, 1947 Radio Broadcast.

The Antichrist is negated by good works, sound reason and constant teaching. He is still here, but his power is taken from him for it was to last only for a time

Children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come; therefore we know that it is the last hour.

1 John 2:18

The Antichrist

In my conversations and interviews, thousands of Catholics, regardless of race, had the Antichrist had three major signs from Christ because of him:

  • Not able to listen to him,
  • Not able to look at him,
  • The supernatural knowledge that he is the Antichrist (see Council of Trent, Session 6. Canon 16).

When I bring him up at all, they all site these signs. Not one faithful Catholic has ever disconfirmed, denied and not cited these signs. Unfaithful Catholics, as shown by their in-constant practice (unfaithful to dogma, infrequent Mass, inconsistent prayer, etc.) always seem to have no clue.

Scriptural Basis

Is there any basis in Scripture? Most definitely:

For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.

Matthew 24:24

So it is not possible to deceive the elect for a false Christ (Antichrist) or false prophet. God makes certain things impossible, even directly by His divine power:

“But passing through the midst of them he went away”

Luke 4:30

An entire crowd tried to throw Jesus off the Cliff and Failed.

God can, by a miracle, prevent people from giving in to the Antichrist. The best way is to avoid listening to him. God can prevent hearing someone to a willing Faithful as he did to the unfaithful Jews on the Road to Damascus (Acts 22:9).

Catechism of the Catholic Church

“Thus the miracles of Christ and the saints, prophecies…are the ‘most certain signs.'”

Catechism of the Catholic Church, Paragraph 156.

This means miracles are an infallible means of determining God’s will. In fact, Christ’s very conception and Ministry is based on them:

“The works that I do in my Father’s name, they bear witness to me”

John 10:25

Without miracles, Christ is just a good speaker and a great orator. He is just a man of empty words with no proof. Likewise, the Church is just an empty People, with a meaningless Gospel, a social club, with no proof of holiness.

Miracle of Silence

This miracle of silence, turning aside from evil, and avoiding of the wicked are moral proofs of the identity of the Antichrist.

The commonality of Faithful Catholics of prayerful practice, who have worked miracles themselves, attest to this as well.


The person they could not hear, watch or listen to? Barrack Obama.

I have spoken with Catholics of faltering practice or nonpractice who thought differently about him. But the Vatican knew the Antichrist was on Earth and his identity.


I have been accused of racism in this regard. People think I just hate him or do not like him, or anything but the prophetic signs indicate what they indicate, coupled with the “most certain signs” of prophecies, miracles.

So is he most likely an African American, a Caucasian, an Asian man? What does race have to do with anything? Racism is immoral. The Antichrist is who the Antichrist is, and we should take the prophecies, signs, and miracles at face value.

Absolutely Certain & Infallible Special Revelations

There is a way to have “absolutely certain and infallible” means to know. These are called “absolutely certain and infallible special revelations” (Council of Trent, Session 6, Canon 16).

Such special revelations (sometimes called intellectual visions):

“[The soul or spirit is] intellectually transported; where is seen, without any evidence of the truth of the likeness of the body; [there are] no false opinions (Augustine, On Genesis, 26).

St. Augustine of Hippo, Bishop, Church Father, Church Doctor On Genesis, 26

“[In] the intellect, however, the vision does not fail,”

St. Augustine of Hippo, Bishop, Church Father, Church Doctor On Genesis, 12.

They are of the same kind as the Beatific Vision:

“Let the eye of your mind follow His path as He enters; let your intellectual vision accompany Him as He passes into that closed dwelling [Heaven]”

St. Hilary of Poitiers, Bishop, Church Father, Church Doctor, On the Trinity, Book III.

Even modern Saints experience these same intellectual visions (absolutely certain and infallible special revelations):

“The effect of this speech was so powerful that for the time being she could not doubt its truth.”

St. Teresa of Avila, Interior Castle, Ch. 8, No. 4.

And another, from The Mystical Doctor of the Church:

“These are revelations or purely spiritual visions and are communicated directly to the soul without the intervention of the senses, and thus, what God communicates through the spiritual ear is most profound and most certain.”

St. John of the Cross, Spiritual Canticle, Stanza 13, n. 20.

If you know what is communicated clearly, humbly and are most certain about it. It is an intellectual vision or special revelation of a kind.

Signs of Authentic Revelations

Here is a list of the typical progression and discernment of spirits of authentic revelations. It is a list, so additional information is required.

Typical Progression:

1. 1st occurrence: Test:

A. Peace? (Beyond understanding – no natural explanation )

B. Orthodox?

C. Virtue (Grows)?

2. Repeated?

3. Duration of divine presence (30 days minimum).

A. Asks action (60 days min.). Retest.

Prompting of H.S.? Immediate acceptance.

Valid Revelations:

1) Orthodox (Dogmatically Correct).

2) Brings Peace (Supernatural).

3) Increases Virtue (Holiness). (See Catechism of the Catholic Church, 67).

Conditions (Can Change Revelation):

A) Conversion (True).

B) Greater Holiness.

C) Greater Good.

Barack Obama by Reputation

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