April 12, 2021

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The Heart of the Mother: The Way of Mary

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The Blessed Virgin Mary has asked me to craft a Way of the Cross for her. It is a map of her life, based in Scripture. When it is finished I will present it.

The Blessed Virgin will give the final word on it (Council of Trent, Session 6, Canon 16). It is mostly complete.

It should go below the Way of the Cross in Parishes. It includes some of the central images of Christ’s life as well and depicts both lives as they converge at many points like the Nativity, Crucifixion, and Ressurection.

Considering this I think there are some prayerful reflections that are helpful in discerning how Mary saw things and what she experienced. No one can match or beat Mary, save her Divine Son.

The Way of Mary

This is a common term for those who follow Mary in Christ. The Way of Mary is even a book written by a Marian Priest. St. Louis de Montfort talked about the Way of Mary in his book True Devotion to Mary.

Mary pondered Christ’s Life in her own heart so the mysteries in the Way of Mary are a reflection of her contemplation of the Divine Mysteries. With every step of his life, from beginning to the end, Christ had Mary’s flesh, the only body from which he derived humanity.

The Way of Mary is found with first consecrating yourself to her in thought, word, and deed. Every possession, relationship, and act become elevated in her prayers and the grace she secures for you. Your prayers, the foremost of concern after the Sacraments and Infallible Teaching of the Church, will fortify you in grace.

Blessed Mary, I consecrate myself to you in thought, word and deed. All I possess is yours – family, friendships, Church I place in your hands. Amen.

The Way of the Cross (Mary’s Experience)

As Mary accompanied Christ on the way of the Cross and was at the foot of the Cross, so she participated in the Way of the Cross in a way we cannot imagine. The Way of the Cross is a popular Franciscan Devotion was enhanced by St. Pio with the final Station of the Ressurection, which changed my prayer life. There are even videos of this devotion.

Mary herself did not suffer scouring, humiliation, carrying a Cross like Christ himself. It simply was not necessary since Christ did it for her. However, she deeply carried the Divine Mysteries in her own heart. This is all that is required.

Mary’s Way of the Cross began before she even conceived Christ in her own womb. The Messianic Prophecies were well known in Judaism. They knew certain things about the Messiah, Jesus Christ – he was God, he would be rejected he would died upon a “tree” (Cross).

Before she said yes, she as an original justice (immaculate conception) had angelic-like intelligence, nearly perfect and instantaneous. In the blink of any eye, she could comprehend all sciences, including Theology. She had direct revelation, so she knew what was before her. She needed no Scripture, for Scripture laid in her heart. In this way, she suffered the Way of the Cross before it was traveled.

Prophetic Nature

There is no way a person can persist in praying the Rosary and not realized its prophetic nature. Be assured, there are communists, pro-sodomite, and apostate priests in the Church, even bishops. Take full care. The Pachamama Apostasy has shown us much.

During the heretical pontificate of Pope John XXII, Catholics stopped listening to him and kept with the already defined teachings of the Church, Scripture, and the Church Fathers. They could not follow John in his heresy, who later was condemned as a heretic by the Council of Constance and Pope Adrian IV. John is well accepted by Theologians as a heretical pope.

Be careful what advice you take from any quarter. Some bishops, like some priests and some theologians advance their pet theories. It is the teaching of the Apostles to which we are bound, not the doctrine of the day, chasing after “wind of” teaching. I cannot say this enough.

Following Dogmatic teaching on Mary: The Assumption, Immaculate Conception and so on, we can build a Theology of the Prophetic Nature of the Way of Mary.

By praying her Rosary, we are guaranteed certain graces such as the destruction of heresies, defeat of schisms (vice), and fortification in grace. Holiness and virtue, like in Mary herself come to full bloom. Be assured, the vocal prayer of the Rosary is taken over by the Divine Presence of Contemplation: Recollections, Ecstasies, infallible visions, are all part of the package.

Many pope Saints have reinforced the power of the Rosary. Pope St. Pius X, Pope St. John Paul II. Even Pope St. John XXIII used to pray 15 decades of the Rosary every day.

Praying in the heart of Mary in the Rosary, we will begin to see like she saw. Our perceptions will become razor-sharp, our virtue will reach unknown heights and our grace will come to the fullest extent possible for us. This is just the beginning of the benefits of the Rosary.


Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us. Amen.

Immaculate Heart of Mary pray for us now and at the hour of our passing. Amen.

All you Saints and Angels pray for us. Amen.

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