May 10, 2021

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The Rosary: How My Father Converted

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I prayed the Rosary for my father’s Salvation in May 1989, six months before the Berlin Wall fell. According to my mother, my father was an avowed atheist.

All I knew was my father was a professed Methodist and was baptized in the Methodist Church when young. My grandfather confirmed this and was an active “elder” in the Methodist Church before he passed away.

My father was not practicing to my knowledge, although I was not privy to all parts of his life. He had many friends and was involved civically at times. I received a prophetic warning to commend him to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

He had cancer and was very sick. I took him to the Bethesda Naval Hospital for his treatments and he was sick the whole time – vomiting.

I had to care for him, which I did not blink at doing. I drove him to and from the cancer treatments.

When I was back in Berlin at my duty station, I did not know that it was not just the chemo, he was in his final days. I soon found out he died right around the time the Berlin Wall fell.

No Sight, No Word, No Sound Was Heard

My family was not practicing their Catholic Faith. My father had told me he was a Methodist and that was the last I heard of it. I heard nothing else for nearly twenty years.

However, in 2014 I bilocated. I showed up at my father’s bed where he spent his hospice time in my sister’s house. He was administered last rites as I watched invisibly. The priest said he was from the nearby Benedictine Monastery. I said nothing to anyone about what happened. My father was Confirmed as well.

Several years later my sister, a practicing Methodist now, Told me a priest from the nearby Benedictine Monastery showed up. My father was administered all his Sacraments and had visions of the Holy Spirit for 4 months before he passed.

What was the coincidence that confirmed the tale? The time frame she said, was right when I intended to pray the Rosary for my father. I had told no one. I started praying the Rosary a couple of days later.

Before I even started my prayers and only intended to pray the Rosary, a priest was at my father’s bedside administering him last rites. God foresees prayer, and he takes them and incorporates them into His plans.

Our Lady keeps her promises. She never fails us.

Nineteen years of waiting to find out my father died Catholic.


Hail Mary! Amen.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, full of grace

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