May 10, 2021

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The Sacred Heart of Jesus: Consolation, Power & Merciful Love

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Picture: Sacred Heart of Jesus by Radoslaw Warendascj

New devotions are revealed in privately all the time. The miraculous medal, the green scapular, the Rosary. There is no end to available devotions, although prudence is necessary.

Many devotions promise the same thing. Some do so more powerfully than others such as the Rosary, a pinnacle of devotion besides, though below, the Eucharist in efficacy.

Such was recently revealed to me some months ago: The Sacred Heart Rosary.

So many were the promises and of such magnificance I had to pause a moment to check it’s plausibility. It only took a few seconds, but even that is unsual for me because I am at peace always.

A few theological reminders from the Holy Spirit, a check of my recollection and it was quickly passed. However, the awe never left me.

The consolation from the Sacred Heart Rosary is very distinctive. It is a gentle burning that purifies intentions, cleanses deeds and continually guides thoughts back to the Lord.

The strengthening of virtue is most certain and tender. The prayer when added to me Marian Rosary’s intentions magnifies itself in a way unheard. Surely as with any devotion, it will take some time for many to accommodate the graces from the Sacred Heart Rosary.

The practice of virtue is required for the graces merely assist and promise an eventual victory. Indeed, like St. Paul the Apostle, there may be an instant conversion (Acts 9:1-22) but how great the conversion it is depends on the soul’s willingness to conform to the Divine Will (Luke 1:38; CCC 2078).

Promises of the Sacred Heart Rosary

The Sacred Heart Rosary is detailed on thread on Twitter. Here are the promises:

I promise:

1. Invincible courage.

2. Invulnerable devotion.

3. Contagious piety.

4. All petitions granted.

5. Conquering of enemies.

6. The world to burn afire with divine love.

7. Graces for one’s state of Life, perfect, pure, abundant & unendingly fervorous.

8. Seraphic destiny.

9. Seraphim defense.

10. Unending signs & wonders.

11. #Miracles without end.

12. A perfect crown of glory.

13. Salvation of family, friends & community.

14. Unending visions of my heart.

15. The undefacable Mark of Eternal glory.

Prophetic Insight

The perfection intended by the Sacred Heart Rosary will culminate in Heaven, where all measure of our perfection is fulfilled. The Sacred Heart Rosary is far more powerful than I can state at present.

Through praying the Sacred Heart Rosary more instruction will come from the Holy Spirit who will “guide us into all truth.” Such instruction can be confirmed in Catholic Dogma & Infallible Teaching.


Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

All you Saints and Angels, pray for us.

Christ, through your heart guide us into all truth, hope and love in fervent faith. Amen.

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