January 25, 2021

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The Secret Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Part I

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In 2013 out of the blue, I started experiencing visions, soul-reading, and bilocations with the Blessed Virgin Mary. This happened after Christ said he wanted me to be his pedagogue (dedicated teacher and servant to raise him to full stature).

I had many confirmations, including reading the Gospel of James, which I had never read before. I used to have a common saying when Jesus was requested by St. Joseph or the Blessed Virgin – “Off you go!”

I did not hesitate to honor his parents’ authority over him.

Christ was a perfectly happy child. He was easy to pedagogue. And so I used this phrase often. The child Jesus with his divine attribute of Omniscience, told me my phrase was in the Gospel of Thomas, which I well knew was an Infancy Gospel of Jesus Christ (Apocrypha).

Apocrypha are not inspired Texts, like the Gospels, but have historical information that is sometimes helpful in understanding the times. For example, we find the names of Mary’s parents – Joachim & Ann, in the apocryphal Gospel of James.

The Revelation was plausible, many historical markers are found in the Apocrypha. The next day I checked. I read the text. There was my phrase learned and repeated by the Child Jesus – “Off you go!”

I was all-in.

During this time grace pulled me to the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. After being confirmed in grace for bilocation to Christ, I was drawn more into the childhood of Blessed Virgin Mary.

I met Joachim and Anna, the Blessed Virgin Mary’s parents. They deeply impressed me with their holiness, simplicity and humble faith – Jewish of Course. The Blessed Virgin knew who I was exactly. Her prophecies were replete in her family.

Her confidence, stalwart holiness, and gentle grace resounded in me. The most important aspect of her character was her bold and unwavering confidence in the grace of God. She was not a wilting flower, like is depicted by many artists and sculptors.

This makes sense, she had no unholy shame (see Genesis 3:7). She was not naive either and knew well of evil in the World. She was an explosive force against evil, which could not lay a hand on her.


Mary was graced before she was conceived. Joachim had a series of Jewish prayers that guaranteed a grant like we do today (see the Rosary, promise #11 & The Memorare).

They had a Rosary of Our Lady Israel (Jewish prayer beads), which also promised prayers would be answered. Israel is spoken of as a Lady in the Scriptures. There was a rosary formed based on Genesis 3:15 and the addresses to Israel as a Woman, and Jews used to pray it. Many Jews had their prayers granted through it.

The prayer they had, before Mary’s Conception, was that their daughter, if they had one, would be an Immaculate Conception – Mother of the Messiah. They asked for her to be without the stain of sin for this purpose.

Why? They wanted Israel to be saved through the acts of the Messiah. They wanted to hear the New Covenant promised in Jeremiah.


Mary’s birth itself was without pain, as an extraordinary grace and sign to her identity. Anna was amazed and saw images of Sarah, the wife of Abraham, in the birth.

I held the Blessed Virgin in my arms, as they treated me like a medical doctor, since I had the most medical knowledge. They did not know my identity yet, which was later revealed by the Blessed Virgin herself.

Mary was a gentle, adamant in her resolve to please God. Like Adam and Eve, she had direct revelation from God and needed no Apostle, pope, or prophet for revelation, authority or infallibility. She had no ignorance, death or illness.

She beheld the face of God in Creation. She saw His presence constantly, and he spoke to her directly. He guided her in every step like a mother does her child.

Not like Heaven, did she see the face of God, but as Jacob and Moses did but far more perfectly. She was blessed beyond measure, and her future choice to be the Mother of God (Luke 1:42, CCC 2677) was a mere continuance of her earlier life.

Early Life

Her early life was filled with joy. She had no defects of character and her intellect was like angels, as is true with original justice.

Often she would be perceived of having such defects, but Joachim and Anna would deflect and protect her against such accusations. They often took an accuser aside, so that God would spare their life (the prophet will kill them).

They would take Mary elsewhere when she was accused or socially attacked, for Mary was just. A mere invocation from her and her attackers would be slain. It was based on her grace that many Saint Soldiers showed up to defend her, including bilocators who appeared as Roman Procurators and Commanders (see Tobit 12:19).

Joachim & Ann

Mary’s parents were as perfect as parents could be without being original justice. God would not grant a sinless daughter to parents who were not greatly holy. If He did they would offend her too greatly and He would slay them (2 Kings 9:7).

So much was the grace that God granted St.s Joachim & Ann that few can ponder them. Even today Theologians do not ponder much the grace that her holy parents contain.

Imagine, original sinners are the parents of a person who is and ever will remain without sin. A woman who would bear God himself. A woman who’s wisdom these parents could not comprehend themselves. So great was the grace of Joachim and Ann that Mary completed her life without a single fault, a single true wrong, a single offense to God.

Prophetic Insight

The lessons of being more like God are found to their utmost in the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is more like Christ than any other soul can be. However, even the Blessed Virgin has limits to her merit.

The Blessed Virgin cannot match Christ himself. This makes it even more astounding that God gave a promise that all her prayers would be granted, all her intercessions would be victorious and all her life be an example of Christ to the utmost.


Immaculate Heart of Mary, font of holiness, channel of grace, be our Salvation. Bring us to be more like you, that we may be more like your Son. Amen.

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