February 25, 2021

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The Secret Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Part II

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There is more to the Secret Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Things I have been asked questions about and answered quite a few times. Some of you will find it in historical documents, and some you will not.

Such special revelations from me are still absolutely certain and infallible, regardless (Council of Trent, Session 6, Canon 16). This means the visions are reliable.


Mary had siblings, one brother, and one sister, according to visions and bilocations. Both were original sinners but were given special graces to accommodate Mary and their service to God. As with her parents, and St. Joseph, they were given extraordinary graces to be boon companions the Blessed Virgin – hence serve God more fully.

In the years to come, their lives will be discovered, with details and they will be canonized. It will take some time until ordinary means scholars (historians, church historians, theologians, etc.) will have enough certainty to comment on them.


Mary had constant revelations as is her right as original justice (immaculate conception). She is not caught in ignorance, concupiscence, uncertainty or illness. She has no host of the maladies Adam and Eve suffered such as death, pain in childbirth ignorance and illness.

Her clear mind and angelic-like intelligence made deducing such revelations nearly instant. If Einstein were to be sat beside Mary and compete, it would be like him competing with a supercomputer with a soul.

Wisdom & Knowledge

Mary is called the Seat of Wisdom. Indeed, she embodies the fullness of wisdom amongst the non-Divine creatures of the Lord. Her predestinate authority (herself in Heaven) obtains graces beyond measure, just as the other Saints do, but they to a lesser degree.

With every gesture, a nod of the head, the motion of her hand, word, deed, and thought, she embodies the grace of God in a way no one else can match or ever will match. She is grace itself.

Redemption (Mary’s Part)

Mary knew, as did the Jews, the divine prophecies of the Messiah: that he was god, that he would die upon at “tree,” that would be a savior and redeemer, that he would be born of a woman, that he would perform miracles (signs), etc.

Her part was to bring God to earth which she willingly did. She was to lay the Foundation of Christ in her own body, being a prophetess. She participated with full knowledge, angelic-like intelligence, and in full power.

Mary being a recipient of direct revelation as an original justice knew what was before her in a way those who just read Scripture did not – for she would talk to God and flesh out all she read. And yes, He would talk back. He exists, doesn’t He?

Direct (Public) Revelation

Mary had two types of revelation, direct and public. As an immaculate conception, she had Direct Revelation – God would speak to her directly through no intermediary means. People without this gift have no clue what it means to just converse with God as with a friend, except by a special grace.

As a public revelator, she could bind others to what she revealed. While mystics may have absolutely certain and infallible special revelations, this does not give them the power or charism (gift) to bind others to what they say.

As with private revelations, direct revelation cannot be denied but is not binding for action and practice. It is only when Adam, Eve & Mary speak with the authority of God, that they bind others in Faith to what they say.

God indeed did speak to Mary with absolute authority. What he said to her was absolutely true and actionable, but what he said was not all revealed. Indeed, most was personal and not to be revealed to anyone. In this same way, we will all communicate to God in Heaven – those who endure to the end.

Gifts & Powers

There are implications few realize. The powers of Mary were beyond most people’s comprehension. Having super-computer like (angelic) intelligence Mary could destroy all Nations. She knew how buildings fit together, what critical point to destroy to bring one falling down.

She knew the gaps in original sinner knowledge, due to ignorance from the Fall. She perfectly knew how to slay a soldier with just her bare hands. She knew the gaps in cognitive (brain) functioning which original sinners possessed.

She could destroy a nation in a month, and an empire in a year. No one would be the wiser. No one would know what is going on until it is too late. No one would know who did it.

Being original justice she knew all these things, yet spared people. Why? The structure of the Roman Empire – roads, cities, travel, trade, government, suited the spreading of the Gospel. She let the Empire endure knowing it would fall later (it did in beginning with the Edict of Milan in 315 AD). The persecutors of evil fell before the persecutors for the Divine Good (in 450 AD).

Immaculate Conception

Much of the graces (gifts) of an immaculate conception are explained above. However, there is one grace I left out. Mary was full of grace. Her more beneficial and powerful grace was to petition God, which he immediately grants.

All the nuclear weapons in the World could be launched at Mary and with but a motion of her will, God would destroy them all and the Nations which launched them. Nothing is impossible for God, and nothing would He withhold from her.

Mission of the Blessed Mother

The mission of the Blessed Mother was one, pivotal and essential: To bear Christ and raise him to “full stature.” One act extends from the other.

She was not Savior, Redeemer, or Sanctifier. She participated in these acts of God to the fullest extent that is possible for Saints. In Scripture, angels were hard to tell as being apart from God. So some have a hard time (not Catholics usually) in telling our praise of the Blessed Mother apart from God.

The grace of the Blessed Mother if seen in her full glory, would slay every soul on Earth with great joy. Having seen the glory of the Saints in Heaven, all souls would want to go there, be like her, so that they could more fully be like Christ. Indeed, some Saints died of joy in receiving the Eucharist. It would be similar to seeing the Blessed Mother, although never to the degree it is with Christ.

Prophetic Insight

The honors, glory, and holiness of the Blessed Mother exceed all I have related here. Even in visions, the Blessed Mother asked me “Would you like to see me in my full glory?”

I was wiser than that since I knew it would result in my death. So I rosaried myself to be fortified in grace not to do it (promise #11). God had given me a mission – to make Saints, to preserve the Earth and Church from the Antichrist, and I meant and mean to do just that.


Immaculate Heart of Mary, be our wisdom, strength, grace and holiness. Keep us or make us always faithful to the Lord. Amen.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our passing. Amen.

Saint Michael pray for and intervene for us. Amen.

All you Saints and Angels pray for us. Amen.

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