January 25, 2021

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The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary: Appearance & Manifestations

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The Immaculate Heart of Mary has by several confirmed miracles workers, been prophecied and confirmed by miracles to have begun her Triumph. What signs & wonders attest to it?

Number one, there is no mass persecution in developed nations. Typically in persecution models, which map historical persecution, martyrdom and hatred of the Catholic Faith have stopped dead in developed nations.

The models indicate physical attacks, have been stagnated for years. Predictions of mass persecution of Catholicism have failed so far.

There are no new wars. A miracle I prophesied a couple of years ago, no wars have broken out, despite typical conditions for war from previous presidents and previous conditions.

Appearances & Manifestations

Visible miracles have been discovered in Medjugorje, a phenomenon commonly experienced. The visible cross was prophesied by the Visionaries several times. Medjugorje now has Vatican-approved pilgrimages.

I. myself have miracled several things. With another miracle worker, Ann Ziluck, we stopped Dorian from hitting Florida. I and another miracle worker, The Fiery One of Nations, sent it North, keeping it from doing the most damage to the United States.

There is the Mecca Locust miracle (read thread), prophesied and granted. Like Moses and the Egyptians, the locusts were a warning to Islam for being a false religion.

Faith & Practice

Africa continues to convert. A prayer ministry I started in the 1990s has born much fruit. I have now turned my prayer ministry to several peoples & regions.

Africa has now become a top field for conversion in the World. It’s Wonders never stop. From 2 million in the year 2000 to 325 million today.

Hope & Reformation

Catholics continue to resist the errors of Francis. The pope are only infallible when they define a dogma ex-cathedra (in view of their supreme authority as pope). Something Catholics do not seem to know or understand.

Francis, according to many cardinals, bishops, theologians, scholars & priests have said Francis in error doctrinally. Constant letters have been written by large groups of people. It has been intimated that Francis is in Apostasy, a state which loses all clerical privileges for the offending cleric according to Popes Benedict XIV & Gregory IX.

Faithfulness & Peace

Faithfulness & peace are restored through Catholic Practice. Faithfulness is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Peace is also a fruit of the Holy Spirit. These fruits are signs of discernment and holiness.

Signs & Wonders

Miracles are ongoing. God never abandons his Church, though individual Catholics may abandon Him. As with the miracles shown under Appearances & Manifestations, God is ever working to save his Children.

Miracles Dispensed

Recent miracles dispensed are “absolutely certain and infallible special revelations” (Trent, Session 6, Canon 16), about the nature of the Francis Papacy, the Catholic Faith and assuring people in the Truth.

The Rosary, GreenScapular, Miraculous Medal and Eucharist are all apart of these miracles. God can manifest in any way he so desires. He is not limited to one devotion or another. He does what is best for his children. Never limit God’s methods.


Lord God, be our peace, hope, joy, and Salvation through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

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