April 12, 2021

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While driving I saw a Marian Blue image of Our Lady against the backdrop of a mountain Friday.

Image of the Blessed Virgin Mary

It lasted for a several seconds so I could check its nature. It hung in midair in front of my truck, over a house & in the road’s direction.

It seems Our Lady is letting me know she is guiding me through life. My daily 21 rosaries seem to be having a huge effect.

The area had snow – pure white, so the image was easy to test.

Discernment: Light image, odor of sanctity, peace, persistence (happened several times over several years), dogmatically correct glowing image (Matthew 17:1–8, Mark 9:2–8, Luke 9:28–36), certainty.

Rescuing the Holy Ones

A prayer mission given to me by Our Lady on 10/6/20.

Since then hundreds of people have been rescued, even a person captured for some time.

I have three Rosaries dedicated specifically for such missions.

I pray 1.5 hours a week in my prayer ministry. This has been ongoing for years.

Discernment: Peace, prophecy fulfilled (ongoing), odor of sanctity.

The Three Basilicas (Vision)

(1/23/21, 7:31AM & before):

Three Basilicas:

1st: Complete, largest. White & gold. Spire of Jesus embraces Cross. Shorter spire: Gold Mary.

2nd: Invisible, spiritual eyes can see. People enter & are invisible.

3rd: Half-built. Platinum bones. Lightning protects.

These visions are figurative and literal. Though maybe hard to believe, God has protected religious relics in the past, like the Arc of the Covenant.

Discernment: Odor of sanctity, peace, persistence (happened a few times over couple years), dogmatically correct glowing image (Rev 21:2), certainty.

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