May 10, 2021

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Warnings of Apostasy in the Church (Prophecies & Miraculous Confirmations)

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Warnings of Apostasy in the Church have been around for several years and for many reasons.

There have been several warnings of Apostasy in the Church. Cardinals Brandmueller, Burke, Mueller, Sarah & Bishop Schneider have all spoken of Apostasy.

What is Apostasy?

Apostasy (Apostasis) literally means a “rebellion” or to stand against (same thing). It is from 2 Thessalonians 2:3. This verse is sometimes called the “Great Apostasy” and indicates a time of the Antichrist.

Apostle means “one sent.” Apostasy means one leaving (rebelling). It can be taken as “one sent away” (by God) for unworthiness. We are supposed to “endure to the end” (Matt 10:22).

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, it is a “total repudiation of the Faith.” Popes Benedict XIV and Gregory IX wrote canon law and defined Apostasy.

Bishops & Cardinals

Cardinal Burke warned of‘”Apostasy‘ of a type at the Highest Levels. His warnings have been proven true, most especially with the Death Penalty change in the Catechism, The Abu Dhabi Document and Amoris Laetitia.

Cardinal Sarah has warned that Apostasy on in its way in parts of the World. Sarah has been very recalcitrant about Apostasy in the Church being opaque about the errors of Francis but has recently been more direct.


Several Theologians have spoken of Apostasy or errors as well. There have been letters by Theologians all over the World to correct Amoris Laetitia, Heresies and other statements by Francis.

Father Thomas Weinandy


Fr. Thomas Weinandy former theological head of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops spoke of a need for a “formal” correction for the Abu Dhabi document which spoke of pluralism (making Muhammad equal to the Divine Christ).

Rather than correct the error, ‘Pope’ Francis moved ahead with a Committee to implement the document. As with an answer to The Dubia, by Burke, Brandmuller, and others, no action was taken for correction or clarification.

Amazon Synod

Some cardinals and bishops have warned of Apostasy in the Amazon Synod working document. Cardinals Burke, Brandmueller and Mueller, all warned of Apostasy or Heresy in this document and new bishops have chimed in, including Bishop Strickland, and others.

Archbishop Vigano

Archbishop Vigano, who exposed the coverup of McCarrick by the Pope. This coverup has been corroborated by many bishops and even by Monsignor Jean-Fran├žois Lantheaume, of the Apostolic Nunciature in Washington DC.

Vigano has called on Francis to resign because of his evil behavior in the Summer of Scandal (Shame). He also said Francis wants a Schism (Separation) recently.

Bishop Schneider

Prayer Crusade

Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider have called for a “Prayer Crusade” for fidelity at the Amazon Synod. They are asking for one decade of the Rosary everyday, and fasting once a week.

Prayer is always a worthwhile endeavor. It is worth considering. I pray 18, 7 decade Rosaries a day, and fast three times a week. I have joined it.

Prophetic Insight

Francis is an antipope and in Apostasy, known through “an absolutely certain and infallible special revelation” (Council of Trent, Session 6, Canon 16).

Francis signed a secret renuncio (resignation) to three bishops. The identity of these bishops will be revealed in due time.

These revelations are constantly confirmed through miracles, including odors of sanctity, Hurrican Dorian Deflection from Florida, levitation, a rosary turning gold in front of my eyes to confirm my prophetic revelations (see below). The miracles are non-stop.

A prophetic statement confirming my miracles validate my prophetic statements.
My Rosary turned palladium gold in front of my eyes


Lord Jesus Christ, pray for us (Matthew 26:36)!

Blessed Virgin Mary, pray for us!

Sacred Heart of Jesus, be our heart!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, be our center!

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